For more than 40 years, Marine Grafics has filmed the oceans of our planet in order to share the wonder and knowledge with others.  We created OceanArchives to make these resources easily accessible by educators and students for their own projects.

Below are some of the many people who have made this project possible.

Bill mugging for the camera

Bill Lovin, Founder, Marine Grafics and OceanArchives.com,
Filmmaker, Writer

Educational filmmaker Bill Lovin has worked professionally in television and film production since 1968.  Initially working in sports, he has traveled to forty-six countries for CBS, NBC and ABC.  Assignments have included Olympic Games, skiing, sailing and motorsports as well as numerous documentaries and commercials.

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Jovita inspecting a shipwreck

Jovita Mask, Founder, OneDegreeChange

As a young child growing up in the small town of Connelly Springs, North Carolina, Jovita loved to go to the beach and to read about distant lands in the Encyclopedia Britannica. Both passions found a home when she learned to dive and participated in the underwater films and videos produced by Bill Lovin. Together they were fortunate to travel the world recording the wonders and challenges of our marine environments.

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Jenny Prevatte January 2019

Jenny Prevatte, Owner, TwiliteCS Online Marketing

Jenny has always loved jigsaw puzzles. She applies that same concept to online marketing, where each piece is different and each marketing puzzle is different for each organization. Having several nonprofit associations as clients, she and Jovita became friends, crossing paths through various groups and events. She met Bill as he began his journey to create an online repository for educators to access and use his many years’ worth of materials. Fascinated by their stories and Bill’s videos, Jenny decided to help bring OceanArchives.com to life — a fantastic resource for some amazing videography!

Flowering tree

Special Thanks to These People Who Have Been Helpful Over the Years!

Thanks go out to all the people how have been influential and helpful over the years.

Jim Bramlett - UNC-TV
David Hardy - UNC-TV
Larry Coplin
Wayne Hasson - Aggressor Fleet
Scott Smith - Dolphin Dream
Aggressor Fleet Captains and Crews
Kimiuo Aisek - Blue Lagoon Dive Shop, Truk
Gradvin Aisek - Blue Lagoon Dive Shop, Truk
Rick Allen Nautilus Productions
Aquariums of NC
Marjorie Bank - U/W photographer and Lecturer
Mark Bensen - Philanthropy and nonprofit consultant
Lloyd Bridges
Paul Brinkley - Educator
Elsie Brumback - NC Department of Public Instruction (Retired)
Frank Chapman - Diving Instructor
Jim Corry - Our World Underwater Scholarship Society (Past President)
Jean Michele Cousteau
Cris Crissman - Photographer
DAN - Divers Alert Network - DAN
Wally Diehl, DVM - Timberlyne Animal Clinic
Dave Farrar - Gypsy Divers
Government of Seychelle Islands
Government of Sri Lanka
Paul Graham
Robert Griffin - Musician and Composer
Bob Gubar
Shirley Ammons - Educator
Paul Hudy - BFDC
Rob Karn - Connections Too
David Katzenmeyer - Water World
Jonah Kuttner - Circle Limit Media
Lannette Lind - Music
Susan Lovelace - EstuaryLive
Joyce Markstaller - Our World Underwater Founder, Underwater
Scholarship Society
Bill Pendergraft
Dr. Craig Phillips - Former Superintendent, NC Dept. of Public Instruction
George Purifoy - Olympus Dive Shop
Bobby Purifoy - Olympus Dive Shop
John Santa - John Santa Productions
Richard Serano, MD
Jim Cross - CBS Sports
Greg Snyder
Lundie Spence - Marine Environmental Educator
Lou Terrell - CBS Sports
Don Thompson - Cozumel PR
Ron Thrower - Reef & Ridge Sports
Chris Wacholz - Diving Safety Supporter
Jim Watt - Good Friend to Whales & Dolphins
Rodney Williams - MPL Labs
Ed Wolfe - Whipsaw
Doug Young - Formerly with NC Aquariums